Stainless steel products from ALFA-STAR in Moscow

Stainless steel metal pipelines are widely used in public utilities and industry. For their trouble-free operation throughout the entire service life, high strength, the ability to withstand significant mechanical loads and exposure to extreme temperatures, resistance to aggressive environments are necessary. The main condition for the durability of the system is qualified installation with the use of high-quality components. 

You can buy everything you need to complete pipelines and install stainless steel structures at ALFA-STAR.  

Our assortment 

We offer products made of stainless steel grades AISI 316 and AISI 304. Its advantages: 

  • increased corrosion and chemical resistance;
  • excellent strength characteristics; 
  • good weldability, which expands the possibilities of installation.  

Thanks to these qualities, AISI 316 and AISI 304 steel has become an indispensable material for creating pipelines and metal structures. 

In our company you can order stainless steel products, including: 

Pipes. They are durable, fire-resistant, relatively inexpensive. This explains their wide distribution and well-deserved popularity. They are used in the chemical, medical, food industry, housing and communal services and other industries where reliability is critically important. "ALFA-STAR" offers this product in a wide range of models and sizes: round welded and seamless pipes, square, rectangular; with a matte, polished, mirror surface, etc. 

Metal products. This is an extensive class of products obtained from steel billets on rolling mills by cold or hot rolling. Its main types are a circle, a cold- and hot-rolled sheet, a strip, a corner. 

Welded fittings. Shaped parts for creating permanent connections in places of turns, pipeline branches, transition to another diameter, for overlapping end sections. The installation of these fittings is carried out by welding with the formation of a reliable hermetic connection. 

Threaded fittings. Shaped parts for creating detachable threaded connections. They are used for the same purposes as welded fittings. They are also used to connect shut-off and control valves, equipment, measuring instruments to the pipeline. Their advantages are ease of installation, the possibility of multiple assembly and disassembly during repair and maintenance of pipeline networks. 

Flanges. Flanged connections are used in the installation of pipelines and industrial equipment.They withstand significant operating pressure while maintaining tightness for a long time. According to the design and installation methods, they are divided into welded, collar, free, flange plugs. 

Shut-off valves. A set of products (ball valves, gate valves, disc valves, check valves) for controlling the flow of the working medium in the pipeline: complete shut-off or opening of the flow manually or automatically under certain conditions. The shut-off valves also include filters for cleaning the working environment from foreign impurities. 

Fasteners. A set of parts for creating detachable threaded connections during the installation of pipeline networks, metal structures, equipment assembly. The main types of fasteners are bolts, studs, anchors, nuts, washers, etc. 

Materials for cutting and welding. Designed for processing workpieces and welding parts made of black and stainless steel during installation work. 

All stainless steel parts are manufactured at leading metallurgical enterprises and comply with the current GOST standards, as well as foreign standards DIN, ISO.